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Abhimanyu Singhal & Co.

Audit Services

  • Internal Audit Services

    Auditing is an important aspect of business as well as finance. To know your accounts and how authentic it is; auditing is a much-needed process. It helps in validating the accounts of your business before finally releasing the financial status

  • Concurrent Audit Services

    Audit services are segregated into different categories and least to say; a concurrent audit is one of them. It is nothing but an extension of the audit services that take place annually or bi-annual depending on the business need and decision of

  • Statutory Audit Service

    Being a compulsory audit service which is a must for every company, you need to know how it works. Statutory Audit Service is done by government, and many choose to hire private firms to do auditing for internal use as well. You need to know

  • Bank Audit Services

    Banking matters are all about money. When it is about money, criticality increases. It needs a sharp eye for the details and the figures that play an important role in finance. Bank Audit Services provided by Abhimanyu Singhal & Co. has been

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